Why not eat organically produced meat?

Even if conditions for animal welfare are improved and the rearing which takes place behind the closed doors of factory farms is banned, a fundamental issue still remains: is it ethical to kill animals just because people enjoy eating them? We should quietly reflect on whether meat-eating can be part of a genuinely caring society...
From Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Iain Scott

Those promoting organic livestock farming exploit the concerns of consumers by painting a rosy picture, suggesting there is no cruelty. This is untrue. There is little or no difference between the organic farming and conventional farming of cows and sheep. The major animal welfare concerns are during transportation and the slaughter process; this is true of both farming practices.

Regarding the organic production of vegetables etc, the ethical vegetarian should clearly understand what is involved. Organic farmers use fertilizers made of blood, fish, and bone. By contrast, conventional farmers use inorganic fertilizers that involve no cruelty; these inorganic fertilizers obviously come from planet Earth and so are just as natural.

As a more general comment, we would suggest that consumers seriously question organic farming. Is it really “more natural”? What is “natural”? What does “organic” mean and isn’t “inorganic” just as natural? Is it a whim or merely self-indulgence by those who are affluent? Is the organic industry just a mixture of fuzzy thinking and clever marketing? How will we feed a growing global population when organic production is less efficient?